Our Vision

Patrick will continue to ensure high levels of professional service regarding the Core Responsibilities, including in Civil Process, Court security, and transportation, and Patrick’s background and years of experience lend well to this. But we must talk about more than just the main functions of the office. 

  • Focus on community engagement and outreach
  • Increase training for all Albemarle County Deputies
  • Enhance the synergistic relationships with our partner agencies
  • Incentivize Albemarle County Deputies to pursue advanced degrees
  • Increase the number of volunteers in the Reserve Division
  • Evaluate and improve the use of technology to better serve our community

Community Engagement & Outreach

Partnering with Special Olympics and Law Enforcement Torch Run is a wonderful opportunity to get deputies involved in the community while fundraising and supporting one of the most rewarding causes. Patrick has had amazing experiences with these organizations in the past and hopes to expand the Sheriff’s involvement.

Patrick also wants to use the Office to expand community forums. We need to be open and transparent with the office, and that means public meetings and opportunities for people to voice input. As we continue to have tough conversations in our community about policing, race relations, and more, there needs to be true transparency and accountability.

School Partnerships and Safety

There is a great opportunity for the Sheriff’s Office to team up with the ACPD school resource officers to help reach our youth through school programs. Patrick would like to begin a DUI awareness program that challenges high school students to think about drinking, driving, personal safety and the responsibility of making mature decisions.

School safety continues to be a national issue. We must work closely with our school board, local elected officials, teachers, parents, and school officials to develop plans that lead to increased safety at our schools.

Green Energy

We’re not going to solve the climate crisis from the Sheriff’s Office.  But we can make sure we’re taking significant strides to reduce energy consumption.  We have to do our part and lead from the front. This means ensuring a modern fleet of vehicles, updated technology, looking at solar energy options in our buildings and facilities, paper and waste usage requirements, and more. Climate change is a serious threat to our community, and every candidate running for office should be asked what changes they can be making in their office.

Deputy Training

Patrick has experience in patrol, detective work, security planning, dignitary protection, and numerous trainings including narcotics and drug abuse recognition, human trafficking, risk management and evacuation. There are a number of training programs that should be available to deputies to advance their learning and preparedness for the situations they encounter every day.

The Sheriff’s Office must be committed to training officers who uphold the values of our community and recognize the diverse communities and experiences of the individuals our County serves.

New Courts Facilities

With the new Court Facility project, there are many opportunities to improve both safety and efficiency with the planning of new infrastructure. Patrick is excited for the opportunity to be a part of the largest non-school construction project in the history of our County. Our new Sheriff will be integral in the planning and implementation of the new facility, and Patrick’s experience with law enforcement, private security, and public safety will be crucial in the planning process.

Patrick continues to meet with Albemarle residents, county leaders, elected officials, and state and local partners to better understand where the Sheriff’s office can best grow. Transparency, community outreach, and input are Patrick’s first priorities. If you would like to reach out about a specific policy proposal or talk further with Patrick, please email: info@estesforsheriff.com.